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Tata Tea Museum Munnar

The Tata Tea Museum  - A Tribute to the Proud History of Tea Cultivation in Munnar

The words ‘Tea’ and ‘Munnar’ are so entwined with each other, they could be used synonymously. The region of Munnar caught the attention of planters from Europe who saw the immense commercial potential the land had with its landscape and climate that was viable for the cultivation of tea.  With a rich and prestigious history of tea cultivation, it is only fair that Munnar should have a distinguished place when it comes to showcasing the exquisite and proud history of the tea plantations in Kerala’s high ranges. Recognizing the need for such a testament to this history, the Tata Tea Company opened a tea museum that was dedicated to preserving and showcasing various artifacts and memorabilia with regards to the cultivation of tea and the resulting growth of prosperous tea industry.

How to reach Tata Tea Museum

The museum located just 2 kilometers from Munnar town, is part of the Nallathanni Estate of Tata Tea in Munnar and can be reached via auto-rickshaw, taxi, or private car.  If you are staying at one of the many hotels or resorts in and around Munnar, you can seek the assistance of the travel desk that can make the necessary arrangement for your visit to the museum. 

The museum serves as a tribute to the innumerable souls, through whose trials and tribulations, the region of Munnar came to be known as a tea planter’s heaven. Their efforts were central to the emergence of Munnar as a tea plantation destination.  As you walk through the museum exhibits, you will notice that it depicts a timeline of sorts. A timeline that articulately depicts the various turning points and milestones the planters and the tea plantations encountered over the course of time, in the form of curios, photographs, and machinery. Every artifact and exhibit, from the rudimentary tea roller to the modern-day fully automated tea factory, tastefully portrays the growth of the Munnar tea estates. 

As one enters the museum a sundial can be noticed, placed on a granite block, made in the year 1913 by the Art Industrial School at Nazareth, Tamil Nadu. Interestingly one of the oldest artifacts found in the museum has no direct link to the tea industry. It is, in fact, a burial urn found from the nearby Periakanal Estate, believed to be from around the second century B.C. Some of the other interesting artifacts and items on display include the original tea roller, the 'Rotorvane,' manufactured in the year 1905. It was used for the processing of the ‘CTC’ type tea; the 'Pelton Wheel' used for the power generation plant in the Kanniamallay estate in the 1920s; a rail engine wheel of the Kundala Valley Light Railway that shuttled men and materials between Munnar and Top Station till 1924.

For those interested in the architecture and other related technologies from the era, the museum also houses classic bungalow furniture, typewriters, wooden bathtub, magneto phone, iron oven, manual calculators and EPABX of the1909 telephone system.

One can also get a demonstration of the process tea tasting in a room dedicated for the same purpose. The various methods of tea processing can be observed at the CTC and the orthodox tea-manufacturing unit at the museum. It is also reported that the museum authorities are contemplating the idea of involving the tourists themselves in the plucking process of tea leaves and have the leaves processed in their presence.

Where can find restaurants near Tata Tea Museum

As for the places to eat near the museum, one would find restaurants of all kinds in and around Munnar town. Hotel Clouds Valley, Hotel Silver Tips and Eastend Hotels are some of the better-known restaurants in town. 

Sightseeing Places/Places to Visit Near to Tata Tea Museum

Nallathanni Tea Estate, Srishti –DARE School, Blossom International Hydel Park, HoneyBee Tree, Photo Point, FlowerGarden, Munnar Market, Eravikulam National Park, Matupetty Dam, Lakkam waterfalls, Attukad waterfalls, Echo Point, Carmelagiri Elephant Park, Carmelagiri Botanical garden, C.S.I Church in Old Munnar

Where to stay the best resort near Tata Tea Museum

In terms of lodging options, one can find various categories of hotels and resorts in town. However if one seeks to find a place away from the hustle and bustle of the town, one can just travel 8 kilometers away to the picturesque village of Attukad where the 5-star luxury resort Blanket Hotel and Spa is situated. 

The Tata Tea Museum is fast becoming a popular tourist attraction for travelers to Munnar. Travelers and teetotallers should definitely visit the museum the next time they visit Munnar to get an experience of the history and heritage of the tea plantations of Munnar.

Timings:  0900 to 1600 hrs. The museum is closed on Mondays. Good Friday is also a holiday for the museum.

Contact Address:
Tata Tea Museum
Nalluthanni Estate
Munnar, Idukki district
Ph: +91 4865 230561

Email: teamuseum@kdhptea.co.in    

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