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The God's Privileged Home Srishti in Munnar ( Developmental Activities in Rehabilitative Education

The God’s privileged home ‘Srishti’, in Munnar encourages mentally disabled children of Tata Tea estate workers. It welcomes us with tear-jerking, exciting and felicific scenes. ‘Srishti’ has to be appreciated and exalted for evincing self-respect in the minds of the mentally disabled children of estate workers who were isolated and reserved from the society.


DARE (Developmental Activities in Rehabilitative Education) Over the last 25 years, this center has worked on rehabilitating mentally and physically challenged children of plantation workers in Munnar. At present, there are 62 children between 3 and 18 years of age with various disabilities at the Centre.

Founded in 1991 by Dolly Lai, wife of a Tata Tea Manager- a centre for motor coordination and basic education, over its 25 years of existence it has taught and trained 205 students.


More than sixty lively children preserving human rights are trained in ‘DARE’. The products carve-out from the dexterity of these disabled children are marvelous. 29 children were trained at the beginning. After primary education, they were trained under the institute of ‘Srishti’ and are appointed there.

This school was established by Tata Global Village Private Limited in 1991 and is standing very high with many international awards. The award of Government in 1997, FICCI award in 1998 and 2007, Helen Keller award of 2000 and Mother Teresa award of 2002 are the assortments given for their Excellency.


‘Aranya’ is an important establishment which dyes on cotton, silk, jute, and wool.’ Athulya is another establishment producing paper bags, greeting cards, and other paper products from futile materials. Many recognitions and awards which include national and international have been received or drawn in the name of Aranya & ’Athulya due to the productive skills. ‘The Deli’ is a unit making sweets and snacks. Another unit ‘Nisarga’ deals in making viands by refining the fruits like strawberry and passion fruit available from Munnar. These products are sold in the public market and the profit is utilized for the welfare of the children.


Most of the people visiting here are tourists. The best way to catch ‘Srishti’ in Munnar is to visit Blanket hotel & Spa” which is a facilitated five-star hotel in Munnar as well only 14 kilometers far from ‘Srishti’. If you opt for Blanket hotel special package to Srishti’, it will ensure that your vacation becomes one of the most cherished memories of your life. Trip to God’s privileged home ‘Srishti’ to make familiar with their products and children around. The Hotels in Munnar are promoting ‘Srishtiby purchasing some of the products that those children had made.   If you really want to see God’s privileged home- ‘Srishti’ comes to Munnar, the best hill station in Kerala.


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