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Experience Luxury Like Never Before in Munnar

Blanket Munnar : Luxury Hotel in Munnar  With A View of Waterfall
Resembling something of a canvas painting, Munnar is a delightful conglomeration of the lush green plantations and the shimmery water streams. Bearing the best of tea plantations in Western Ghats, this aromatic hill station is a delightful treat for nature lovers. Thanks to the advent of imperialism, Munnar has developed both industrially and economically and promotes Kerala Tourism. Be it the churches, houses, museums or the tea estates; all of these mark a testament to the beauty that this place is. Bearing a vast variety of flora and fauna, Munnar has natural beauties that are exclusive to their town only. One two nights of stay will never make-up for the time and touring in Munnar; one has to stay for atleast 5 nights to explore it, especially if you are looking for a place for your honeymoon, you can consider Munnar.

Such is its BEAUTY!
While you are at it in Munnar, stay at one of the best luxury resorts in Munnar that you can find in the hill station. Situated in the lap of Pallivasal amidst the mystical beauty of the Attukad waterfalls, the Blanket Hotels and Spa are your perfect destination for couples for honeymoon and family too. Also referred to as one of the best eco-friendly resorts, we have gone every mile to make this dream come true for all the nature lovers. The five star hotels will serve you with the right kind of views and provide you everything you need for a fruitful vacation in the hills of Munnar.

Activities to do at Blanket Munnar

Dress Like A Keralite Bride & Groom:  
Revisit moments from your wedding in the Kerala style!
While in Blanket Munnar, you can dress up as a Kerala Bride and Groom and relive all your wedding memories with an extra hint of romance in the air. Traditional wedding services will also be provided for you to marry your partner again in the Kerala traditional wedding style.

Are you a fan of exploring the nature on your own? Then the Blanket Hotels and Spa have the best arrangements for you.They allow you to borrow a bicycle and steer through the green alleys of Munnar. While you are at it, you can experience the true aroma and lush greenery of the fields in Munnar that will make you want to come back for more.

Morning walk with our Naturalist:
Munnar is Nature and Nature is Munnar. Upholding this spirit, Blanket Hotel will provide you with an in-house Naturalist who will come all the way down with you to explore Munnar and explain every little detail about it. Munnar is at it’s best on dewy mornings where the sun shines and makes a pathway for you to get lost in the nature.

Ayurveda Massage:
A good trip to this wonderland is never complete without their famous massages. Known throughout the world for their Ayurveda, Kerala stands apart with the extremely relaxing massages that are offered. Here in Blanket Hotels, you can offer you an Ayurveda Massage that will relax your body and take you to a state of Nirvana.

Yoga and Meditation:
 To have a perfect day ahead that is filled with energy, Blanket Resorts believe that it is important to retain healthy lifestyles. Hence, to bring this into life, an in-house yoga instructor who will give you the basic yoga training early in the morning. This will be followed by a meditation that will clear up your mind and give you a peaceful yet fun day ahead.

Cooking Demonstration:
Are you good at making some scrumptious meals? Do you want to showcase your talent?  chefs here demonstrate simple recipes that you can replicate to perfection. The one that gets it right will go on our social media handles with the title of – ‘Chef of the Day’. Sounds fun, right?

Attukad Waterfalls:
Rumbling in the lap of Blanket Hotels and Spa, the Attukad Waterfalls make their way into every corner of the hotel and reach your ears. We take pride in the beautiful Attukad Waterfalls and strive to make it visible to as many people as possible. Hence, taking this into consideration; we give a full-day trekking program from the resort’s gardens reaching the tea plantations and finally the Attukad Waterfalls. Here you can experience the best of Munnar by witnessing several bamboo forests and housing settlements that give you a once in a lifetime kind of experience.

Blanket Munnar also has other attractions like recreational indoor sports and it is one of the resorts in Munnar with Swimming pool for smiling with the Mountain View

Here is how it looks in night.

So, are these good enough to call you for a vacation at Blanket Munnar? For more details about Rooms Availability, reservations you can contact them Here

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