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Devikulam – The Lake of the Goddess

Picture a place where a higher force existed. One may call it a divine presence or vibe which brings out our inner positive energies. This is Devikulam. A combination of two words, ‘Devi’ meaning Goddess and ‘Kulam’ meaning pond, Devikulam is a sight to behold. A small hillock located approximately 7 kilometers from Munnar town and almost 15 kilometers from Blanket Resort and Spa, Devikulam represents Munnar at her unspoiled best. The region mesmerizes you with its misty slopes that resemble a green blanket laid on its surface. Imagine taking a leisurely stroll along these slopes and letting your imagination and senses run wild. There is a small lake is cradled by this hillock and is popularly known as Devikulam Lake or Sita Devi Lake. 

According to legend the name Devikulam was given to this place because it is believed that the wife of Lord Ram, Sita Devi bathed in this lake when they lived in this region during Lord Ram’s fourteen-year exile. The locals believe the lake to possess divine powers and claims that the waters of this lake can heal many ailments are abundant. It is true that the mineral-rich water is a rich source of minerals and nutrients and will definitely be a welcome change from the chlorine-filled, polluted waters of urban society. The pure unadulterated air of Devikulam also lends its soothing powers to the local tea and spice plantations. The crops and vegetables grown in this region are of a high variety because of the rich natural nutrients present in the soil of this region.  

Devikulam is a true nature lover’s paradise. Whilst visiting Munnar, visitors must take the opportunity to visit this picturesque locale and indulge in some leisurely sightseeing activities around the region and its pristine lake. This should be a must-visit on the list of places to visit in Munnar for any visitor. 

How to reach Devikulam

Nearest Airport: 

Cochin International Airport, Nedumbassery (112 kilometers approximately) Nearest Railway Station: 

Aluva Railway Station (110 kilometers approximately). 

Coimbatore Railway Station (Tamil Nadu) 

It is possible to take local buses or private vehicles to reach out to Devikulam from the above-mentioned places.

Best Time to Visit Devikulam: 

The best time to visit Devikulam for visitors would be from November to March. Although owing to its cool and misty weather and exotic locales, the place is perfect for a visit at any time of the year. 

Places to Visit near Devikulam: 

There are some picturesque tea and spice plantations around Devikulam which can be enjoyed with a guided tour of the plantations. In addition to the plantations, visitors can also visit nearby attractions like the Attukad Waterfalls, Attukad Village, Lock Heart Gap and Anayirankal Dam, Mattupetty Dam, Tea Museum, and Eravikulam National Park. 

Where to Stay at Devikulam: 

Being just 7 kilometers away from Munnar town, visitors can find plenty of options to stay near Devikulam. From budget hotels to 4 star and five-star luxury resorts like Blanket Hotel and Spa situated near the magical Attukad Waterfalls, guests can be rest assured that they will be spoiled for options. A wonderful stay in a luxury resort-like Blanket Hotel and Spa will surely add to the magical experience you will have at Devikulam.

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