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27-10-2016 by Admin

Unspoilt Attukad, The Virgin face of Munnar

On our honeymoon visit to Munnar in Kerala – God’s Own Country, we visited Attukad, a region that is blessed with the pristine hills and soul-soothing Attukad Falls. A region that looks as if an artist used a generous coat of green on the canvas of the serene hills that God placed on earth. It is a perfect getaway for couples who are discovering love or for those who are seeking to reignite the passion for each other.  Among the many beautiful locations at Munnar, the Attukad Waterfalls is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking. The entire way to the falls seems to be taken out of a fairy tale setting, where the birds and the trees all seem to magically lead you and your loved one to the magical Attukad Falls. The very sight of the falls replenishes you with that much-needed vigor and you feel as if you could stay there forever just admiring the unspoiled beauty of the place. Located just a mere 8 km away from Munnar town en route to Pallivasal, Attukad epitomises what true unspoilt beauty means (The nearest airport to this place is the Cochin International airport, which is around 110 km away and the nearest railway station is in Aluva 102km & Madurai (Tamil Nadu), about 163 km). The spring waters of the Muthirapuzha River, a major tributary of the Periyar River sustain the Attukad Falls. Falling from a height of over 100 feet, the Attukad Falls is a feast for your eyes. The water flows from the Headworks Dam which was built in 1940 for the purpose of storing water for the Pallivasal Hydro Electric Project.  The intimidating sight of the mighty waterfalls with the pristine green hills will paint a picture postcard memory in your hearts forever. The slopes of the surrounding hills offer trekking enthusiasts an opportunity to indulge in some trekking activities, while taking in the mesmerizing beauty of the region with its panoramic view of the lush green hills and milky white waterfalls. The trek leads you to the bridge across the river and falls.  We feel that the ideal time to visit this little paradise is during the monsoons when one can witness the beauty and might of the Attukad Falls in all its glory. It’s as if the heavens let open a giant floodgate containing pristine white milk and let it flow against the lush green carpet of the surrounding hills. You can enjoy all this over a warm cup of fresh tea from the local farmers’ shops as you perch yourself on one of the rocks and let bliss take over you.  This time we are surprised to see upcoming beautiful and luxurious 5 star resort in munnar  called Blanket Hotel and Spa. We came upon this resort on our way back from a trek to the falls. Our guide Mr. Peter introduced us to the Manager there. He offered us a cup of white tea and was evidently very passionate about this upcoming project. This is near completion stage and the view of the waterfalls from the suite is breathtaking as you soak in the beauty of nature and in the luxury on offer. On the return journey we have decided that the next time we visit Munnar, we are sure to stay at this 5 star resort and truly experience Attukad and Munnar at its best.

GeorgeBailey, London

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