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Rainbow Trout Munnar

Rainbow Trout Munnar

The Fascinating History of Rainbow Trout in Munnar-A British Legacy 

Nestled in the picturesque hills of Munnar, an enchanting tale of perseverance, nostalgia, and the birth of a unique culinary delight unfolds. The st...

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28-10-2023 by Admin
History of Munnar

A Brief History of Munnar Kannan Devan Hill Plantation


The Kannan Devan Hills is entrenched into the history of Munnar and has played a major role in the socio-economic development of the region. One of the first Europeans to visit these hills was the D...

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29-03-2020 by Admin
One of the East Flowing Rivers Adorning Munnar

Kabani, Bhavani and Pambar are the three rivers which flow to East in Kerala.
Pambar originates from Devikulam, where the memories of Maidhili’s stay in forest remain, gliding through Sahyan’s canyons, fluxing through slightly Thoovanam waterfalls, alluring Chinnar rain shadow for...

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08-01-2019 by Admin
A Story Behind Emergence of Honeymoon Destination and Old Church in Munnar

Shajahan’s Mumtaz is buried in an ivory-white marble mausoleum in the bank of Yamuna. But here in Munnar, the Kashmir of South India found by the Englishmen, Henry’s beloved Isabella is buried without any pomp. She left her life, memories, dreams, her Henry and dissolve in to the vall...

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03-12-2018 by Admin
The Story of the Glorious Trinity, The Story behind the Birth of the State of Kerala

The Story of the Glorious Trinity – The Story behind the Birth of the State of Kerala 
According to Hindu mythology, the region of Kerala stretches along the Arabian Sea from Gokarnam (Gokarna, in Karnataka) to Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu. It is believed that the avatar called &lsquo...

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01-11-2017 by Admin
Muniyara Dolmens at Munnar

During my visit I came upon a place called Marayoor. With its misty locales and breath taking hills Marayoor is a place of ethereal beauty and culture. When I was visiting Marayoor, I could not help being overcome by the sense of mysticism that the region offered. The region is home to the Muniyara ...

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07-01-2017 by Admin
Unspoilt Attukad, The Virgin face of Munnar

On our honeymoon visit to Munnar in Kerala – God’s Own Country, we visited Attukad, a region that is blessed with the pristine hills and soul-soothing Attukad Falls. A region that looks as if an artist used a generous coat of green on the canvas of the serene hills that God placed on ear...

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27-10-2016 by Admin

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